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Coffee Machine


At CRQ, our commitment to training and support begins with our first meeting and extends throughout our partnership. We prioritize understanding your business needs to recommend the best coffee solutions. Our ongoing knowledge-sharing ensures that you and your team are equipped with the skills and expertise needed to succeed.

As your business evolves and grows, our training programs evolve alongside. We tailor our programs to accommodate the size and diversity of your staff, ensuring that each member receives the necessary training to excel in their role.

In today's digital age, we embrace innovative approaches to training. Our high-quality remote training options provide flexibility and convenience, allowing your team to access expert guidance regardless of location.



Grind & Dose

Understanding coffee grind size and its impact on extraction

Importance of consistent dosing for quality espresso shots

Hands-on practice with grinder settings

Extraction Time & Espresso Evaluation

Controlling extraction time for optimal flavor

Recognizing signs of under-extraction and over-extraction

Tasting and evaluating espresso quality

Milk Texturing

Techniques for steaming milk to achieve the desired texture

Creating microfoam for latte art

Troubleshooting common milk texturing issues


Importance of presentation in coffee service

Basics of latte art and its impact on customer experience

Enhancing customer satisfaction through thoughtful presentation



This outline provides a structured approach to barista training, covering essential topics from workspace organization and equipment maintenance to advanced skills like milk texturing and espresso evaluation. Each training session is designed to empower baristas with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver exceptional coffee experiences.​​


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